Our Mission, Vision and Values

Making a positive contribution to people and society


To breathe new life into the next era under the corporate statement "Inspire the Next", aiming for new developments and progress in medical imaging solutions and therapy to support medical professionals in their efforts for their patients of regaining a healthy life


Hitachi Medical Systems Europe serves the medical society with more than just imaging solutions. We endeavour to go the extra mile for our customers and stakeholders by means of                     

  • Innovating medical imaging devices making technology more friendly to the people.
  • Establishing dedicated customer contacts throughout our organisation.
  • Providing high customer satisfaction through solutions that fit best.
  • Offering competent, flexible and reliable quality service quality to our stakeholders.
  • Being available when it is needed, exceeding expectations.
  • Supporting diagnostic confidence.
  • Providing 360° educational support through our Technology Academy.
  • Acting in harmony, with sincerity, a pioneering spirit and partnership.
  • Assuming social responsibility and protecting the environment in terms of eco-friendly products and services.


To be a company trusted by customers and society, a company fully responsible for its actions. We offer a dedicated range of reliable medical imaging systems of high quality, using our knowledge and technologies to meet specific needs. Our goal is to offer personal care for our customers and solutions that fit best.

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